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Sci Fi Novel Needs Beta Reader

What if the Roswell UFO incident was true? Beta read the new novel by Scott Skpper. ———————————————————— Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser ([UNIQID]) . ** Dark Matter a new novel by Scott Skipper ———————————————————— ———————————————————— Pan-STARRS

New article by Marjorie Quarton–novel by Jeffrey Marcus Oshins–short story by Shawn Raiford. The Chains of Bondage a new novel by Jeffrey Marcus Oshins Tradition spoke to young Winthrop Bennett in a choir master’s voice. “Sing your part. Keep in

Call For Submissions and a Special Offer For BetaReaders

BetaReader Journal is looking for content of interest to BetaReaders. Who is the BetaReader Journal audience? The  491 members of the BetaReader community are more an author’s aid than typical readers. Betas work with authors at all stages of getting

BetaReader Survey Response

Here are some responses to the survey whether beta readers should be paid (the survey can be found following the responses): No. As a freelance editor who is also a beta reader, I think it’s still appropriate for beta readers

BetaReader Survey

Should beta readers be paid? A surprising number of online beta readers say that beta readers should not be paid. A random sampling and questioning in various online beta reader forums reveal that many online beta readers say that betas

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